Membership Programme - Terms and Conditions

Membership Programme Terms

Oztet Amigo Membership Programme is operated and managed by Oztet Amigo Official Company Limited (abbreviated as Oztet Amigo in the following content). Any benefit or service under the Oztet Amigo Membership Programme is strictly implemented under this Terms and Conditions. Completion of the Membership Programme Application progress represents the agreement and understanding in the Terms and Conditions of Oztet Amigo Membership Programme (abbreviated as Membership Programme in the following content).

Application Progress

  1. Customer can apply for the Membership Programme through filling personal information in any Oztet Amigo physical store. Necessary personal information will be collected, including applicants' full name, valid Hong Kong phone number and email address. Once the application is approved, a unique Oztet Amigo Member Card (abbreviated as Member Card in the following content) and an Oztet Amigo Member Account (abbreviated as Membership Account in the following content) will be allotted to member to enjoy the benefits stated in the Membership Programme

  2. Each member can only own one Membership Account and Card.

  3. Only registered Oztet Amigo Members can enjoy the benefits from the Membership Programme (abbreviated as Members in the following content). No transference is allowed.

  4. Oztet Amigo reserves the right of approval in Membership applications.

Membership Accounts

  1. Oztet Amigo Members have the responsibility to keep the Oztet Amigo Member Card in custody and to manage every usage of the Oztet Amigo Membership Account. If the Member Card or Account is unauthorizedly used by others due to personal negligence, Oztet Amigo will not take any responsibility.

  2. If the Membership Account is used illegally, the Membership Account will be cancelled.
  3. Members can inquire about the Oztet Amigo Membership Reward Points (abbreviated as Reward Points in the following content) from the Oztet Amigo staff members is in working hours.
  4. Members can freely notify and cancel the Membership Account.
  5. Oztet Amigo preserves the right of cancelling any Membership Account.

Adjustment of the Terms and Conditions

  1. Oztet Amigo reserves the right of adjusting and cancelling any content of the Terms and Conditions. Agreement of this Terms and Conditions represents the agreement in any relative revision and update. Oztet Amigo is not responsible for any potential or actual losses created due to the adjustment or update.

Declaration of Personal Information Collection

  1. Personal information provided in Membership Account applications is treated as voluntarily provided. Personal information of Members will be used in operation and management of Oztet Amigo Membership Programme, including calculation, management and exchange of Reward Points, and communication with Members.

  2. Any personal information provided in Membership Account applications and data conserved in Oztet Amigo Membership Programme will be treated as non-public information. Any information will only be in the usage of Oztet Amigo internal operation and will not be disseminated nor disclosed to third party.
  3. Members have the right to cancel promotional messages at any time.
  4. Members have the right to cancel his or her Membership Account and request for removal of personal information at any time.
  5. Members have the responsibility to update the method of contact. Oztet Amigo will not be responsible for any losses due to lack of updating the method of contact.
  6. Members can freely notify and change the personal information in Oztet Amigo Membership Account in Oztet Amigo physical store or sending to the following email address


  1. Announcements to Members will be notified through website pages, email, mobile messages or other public platforms. Announcements include any adjustment of the content of Membership services, Terms and Conditions of the Membership Programme and other important issues.

Disclaimer of the Membership Programme

  1. Any type of information and content provided in Oztet Amigo website and other Oztet Amigo official accounts in social platforms are only for reference. The risk of applying and joining Oztet Amigo Membership Programme, owning Membership Account, benefits and Member Card is the responsibility of Member.

  2. Oztet Amigo is not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental losses or damages, including negligence.

  3. Oztet Amigo reserves the right of final decision on any disputes and violence of the above Terms and Conditions.